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Dave's UFO Music & Poem Videos

Author: Dave Hodrien

Over recent years I have created numerous videos about UFOs and extraterrestrials, including a number of original poems on the subject. I create them as and when I get inspired. If you have any ideas for new ones by all means contact me and I may decide to work on something. Below are each of the videos which I have uploaded to Youtube, including a bit of info on each:

Crashes, Cover Ups and Conspiracies

A video of UFO/alien artwork and photographs, set to the song Altered States by the Australian prog rock group Cog. The song is quite rare and sadly does not form part of any of their commercial albums. It is all about ongoing UFO crashes and the governments attempts to cover them up from the general public. The band have sung other interesting tracks too including Are You Listening? which is about new world order.

Aliens - The Photographic Evidence

A collection of supposedly real alien photographs. I am of course aware that some of these are suspect and may have since been proven a hoax, but I think that at least a few of them could be the real deal. At the time I did not include photos that I believed were already proven fake, which is why stills of the Roswell Alien Autopsy video are not present. And the reflection behind Bush at the end I just put in for a laugh! I've set the vid to the stunning abduction-themed song Rosetta Stoned by Tool.

Account Of An Encounter - A Poem About UFOs

The first poem I wrote about the UFO subject, describing the sighting of a saucer-shaped craft from the perspective of the witness, and the reaction from other people to the incident. Set to music from The Island.

The Other Place - A Poem About Alien Abduction

The longest poem I have written so far. A non-rhyming account of someone's abduction from start to finish, taking in many regularly reported aspects of the phenomenon. Set to music from The Abyss.

Survivor - A Poem About Roswell

With this poem I decided to take a different angle, and imagine what the UFO crash at Roswell could have been like from the perspective of the suriving Grey alien. I am quite pleased with the results. Set to music from Lady In The Water.

Art In The Crop - A Poem About Crop Formations

In summer 2008 with the latest rash of formations on the news I decided to write a poem about the ongoing appearance of them in fields around the world. I am well aware that many formations these days are hoaxes but still believe there is an underlying truth to them related to the UFO phenomenon. Set to music from The Village.

Skeptic - A Poem About UFO Skepticism

My latest and probably most controversial poem yet is a dig at die hard UFO skeptics who do not check the evidence available and instead blindy dismiss the entire subject. Set to music by Nine Inch Nails.

I hope that you have enjoyed these videos. If after watching these you feel inspired to create a video or just write a poem on the subject by all means send it to BUFOG and we will include it in the Articles section of the page.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2009

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